We’ve got some great new specs for kids

Do your children’s glasses slip down, break regularly or do they look over the top of them? We may have the answer!

We’re delighted to announce we’re now stockists of tomato glasses and totspecs. These are frames designed specifically with young children and babies in mind. Young children’s facial characteristics can make the fitting of smaller versions of adult frames very difficult leading to frames slipping down and children looking over the top. With vision therapy such as patching for lazy eyes,  it is critical that young children are looking through their glasses as intended as there is only a small window of time where we can improve a child’s vision for the rest of their lives.

These innovative frames have many features which make them unique such as ‘shape intelligence’ which allows the frame to be twisted but still return to its original shape. The unique nose pad design also makes the frame very stable on the nose to reduce movement when out playing. Even with all these technological advances to the frames, the important thing is they still look great!

Feel free to come in and have a look at the range.

To find out more, follow the link below to have a look at their website