At Arbuthnot’s we believe our customers deserve the best products available. After many years experience of a huge variety of products we are delighted to use SEIKO as our supplier of premium spectacle lenses. SEIKO have an incredible track record of supplying high quality products. Did you know that when you say the word ‘SEIKO’ you are speaking Japanese? In Japan the word means ‘precision’ and this is exactly what you get when experiencing any SEIKO product.

The SEIKO brand is most commonly associated with watches, but their passion for precision has also been applied to the design and manufacture of spectacle lenses. Indeed, SEIKO has produced lenses for over 40 years and is selling them in over 30 countries worldwide.

A choice for your lifestyle: SEIKO Optical manufactures a wide range of thin and light SEIKO branded lenses to suit all lifestyle and occupational needs.

SEIKO Optical is a world leader in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced lens materials and designs, delivering the comfort, quality and superior vision that you would expect from an innovative global brand.

Brand quality: When you collect your spectacles with SEIKO lenses, we will provide you with a certificate of authenticity, confirming that your lenses have been made to the highest SEIKO Optical quality standards.

SEIKO lenses offer huge advantages over other brands whether you need a lens for a specific visual need, want the thinnest and lightest lens possible or whether you want a varifocal lens that gives a huge distance, intermediate and reading lens area like their incredible SEIKO Prime lens, the best our opticians have worked with.

Every pair of SEIKO lenses comes with its’s own card of authenticity, which is presented to the patient on collection of their new glasses. Using this card you can then register your purchase with SEIKO to receive your complimentary SEIKO Protect* cover for your new lenses!

SEIKO Protect is accidental damage assistance if your lenses are no longer deemed fit for purpose. Accidents happen, and with SEIKO Protect your lenses will be replaced. It is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. (*Terms and conditions apply, visit for more information)

If you’d like to discuss the best lens for you then please pop in and talk to our qualified dispensing opticians who will evaluate your needs and use our Seiko iPad app to show the best solutions.