Premium Brands

In 1980’s Denmark, Paul-Jorn Lindberg and his wife Arhus ran their own small, independent opticians practice. Day-by-day Paul-Jorn became increasingly frustrated with the lack of lightweight, comfortable eyewear on the market. He set about crafting his own frames made from thin titanium wire, in an effort to create the product he had been so desperately searching for. In 1984, in a tiny workshop above his opticians practice the Lindberg Optic Design house was born, with the creation and release of the unique and revolutionary Air Titanium range two years later.

Now, decades on, Lindberg are pioneers in eyewear engineering excellence, with each range being created with simplicity, elegance and functionality in mind. Only the highest quality materials are used, including 100% raw titanium and composite acetate materials which are lighter and stronger than any others on the market. Lindberg designs negate the need for screws, welds or rivets, making the frames stronger and more durable than any of their titanium counterparts, while remaining incomparably lightweight and comfortable.

Each Lindberg frame makes a statement about aesthetics, attention to detail, technical innovation and craftsmanship. Lindberg have won dozens of international design awards, and the product really speaks for itself. Each frame can be customised to the patient’s exact needs and preferences, with over 15 billion possible combinations of style, shape, size, colour and detail available.

As a Lindberg certified stockist, we firmly believe in the incredible history and quality associated with the brand, and with their products. The support and expert technical training that we receive means that we are passionate about their product, and that our Dispensing Opticians are experts on all things Lindberg.  We stock a variety of styles, shapes and colours in our practices, but have access to a full online bespoke ordering system so can create the exact product that you want.

Contact the practice or pop in to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Dispensing Opticians, to learn more about why Lindberg could be the right fit for your next pair of spectacles.

TD Tom Davies is a premium high end brand, available either ‘off the shelf’ or made bespoke for you. Stunning handmade frames made using only the finest materials including natural horn. We take many facial measurements, guide you through options of a huge variety of colours, materials and styles and then send this off to London based design house TD Tom Davies where their skilled craftsmen hand-make a bespoke frame which fits you perfectly and looks incredible.
Find out more about Tom Davies frames here

German frame manufacturer Walter Wising & Co. offers unique styles distinctive for their structure and expression. Established in 1953, the brand crafts individualised frames in a single workshop in Germany in order to produce one-off, unmistakable pieces of art.

Handmade from laminated acetate, Wissing frames can be customised to the patients’ exact specifications of style, size and colour to guarantee the perfect piece every time, without compromising on audacious design, comfort and exclusivity.

Arbuthnot Opticians are currently the only UK stockist of Walter Wissing & Co. and offer both ‘ready to wear’ models and a completely bespoke service.

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Anne&Valentin was conceived as the lovechild of an optician couple from Toulouse, who sought to create original, well-designed frames for their friends. Today, they still claim a fierce independent spirit and an international, family-oriented state of mind. They have preserved and challenged their vision, built on high standards, research, and a love for the object itself.

Their history evolves as they meet new, interesting, curious and surprising personalities along the way. Friends, customers, strangers on the street, emerging and confirmed artists constantly inspire their designers and teams. All these characters differ in age, style, genre. Each encounter they make renews their passion for their work.

Every day, rain or shine, they cultivate a joyful openness to the world, reconciling design, ergonomics, and elegance.

We stock a range of Anne&Valentin frames to suit different tastes and requirements.

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Colibris glasses from Stockelsdorf are popular with people with narrow faces all over the world.

“The idea of ​​our own glasses brand was born in 1998,” says Wolfgang Reckzeh. “The impetus came from my wife, who couldn’t find the right glasses for her own face.” Susanne Reckzeh had had to learn that the usual glasses were too wide, too large and too coarse for her face and always slipped off the narrow nose. And that despite having access to the most modern and trendy eyewear brands in the world – after all, Wolfgang Reckzeh is the owner of the well-known optician Colibri in Lübeck’s Wahmstrasse.

“Now we manufacture glasses that suit people with narrow faces and whose proportions are matched to them. In this way, we guarantee exceptional comfort, quality craftsmanship and underline the personality of the wearer, ”says Wolfgang Reckzeh.

“When you see people with our glasses on the street, it makes us very proud,” says Susanne Reckzeh.

At Arbuthnots we pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of frames specifically for patients with smaller faces, Colibris in particular. If you have had problems in the past finding frames to fit, or have been persuaded towards childrens or teens frames, we are sure to have something more to offer. Contact us or pop into one of our practices to try on our ‘smaller’ styles.

Etnia Barcelona was born from the mind of David Pellicer, a man who spent his childhood surrounded by glasses. David grew up playing in his parents’ factory while developing his knowledge and taste on the topic from an early age. David introduced color into an accessory that had always been brown or black. Red or yellow sunglasses didn’t exist before then, nor did glasses that combined two or three colors.

Etnia Barcelona’s creations are produced in natural acetate, a material made from cotton that is known for its comfort and malleability. The brand trusts its partners to design and manufacture the entire range of textures and colors for each season. The result is exhaustive control of the process from the start, with the materials, to the end, with the finished product.

All the colors are carefully selected, designed and produced by the brand. For the chromatic selection of each season Etnia Barcelona works with partners on trends and feeds off the world of fashion and art. Color studies are conducted twice a year to incorporate new tones into the designs and inspirational moods are generated to imbue the new collections with life, richness and content. Etnia Barcelona also recycles and renews trends from yesteryear for the collections that require them.

Etnia Barcelona is devoted to art, culture, travel, fashion. With new collections released twice a year, at Arbuthnots we aim to always stay stocked with the latest styles and colours from Etnia Barcelona. Styles are often available in multiple colour options and we will do our utmost to find the perfect match for each individual patient.

Pop into one of our practices to have a look at our latest range of Etnia Barcelona frames.

Orgreen are the ultimate in Scandinavian eyewear design, crafting frames that are contemporary, look great on faces, and most importantly, are made to stand the test of time. Be inspired by their wide-ranging collections and explore their latest arrivals.

They offer premium designer eyewear in high-end materials, and are known for their distinctive signature styles and innovative colour combinations. Their aim is to design strong and timeless frames for quality-conscious individuals.

Individually handcrafted over a period of 4-6 months. Each frame goes through more than 100 production steps. And there is a hand involved at every step. Inherent in titanium is a sleek, sophistication where minimalism is the modus operandi.

The Orgreen aesthetic is playful, dynamic and sometimes provocative, but never arrogant. It’s about tugging at traditions, daring to challenge them and setting a new agenda. Rather than building on fleeting trends, Orgreen styles and lines are unique and recognisable and will always remain consistent through their designs.

The company’s began in 1980 when a fisherman, Jim Richards, began selling sunglasses on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii. He was known as the original “Maui Jim”. Since then the brand has undergone a complete revolution, going from strength to strength, and are now world renowned for making the highest quality sports and fashion eye wear. As well as high performance non-prescription polarising lenses, they also offer a full prescription service for most of their styles, using the same lens technology. As of 2016, the company sells over 125 different styles of polarized sunglasses in over 100 countries worldwide.

The harsh glare of the Hawaiian sun is what inspired Maui Jim to design a lens that not only shields the eye, but also improves the colour, clarity, and detail of the world around. Designed with patient comfort in mind, their PolarizedPlus2® technology reduces the impact of the sun’s harsh glare while offering relief from a number of long-term health risks.


Glare washes out colours, obscures details, and fatigues your eyes. PolarizedPlus2® lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, allowing you to see the world at its brilliant best. Featuring the industry’s most advanced production techniques, their patented processes create an amazing difference you’ll see immediately.

Maui Jim use a unique bi-gradient mirror, coating the top and bottom of their lenses to reflect the brightest light away from the eye and allowing greater comfort in bright conditions.  Alternatively their gradient mirror can be used, allowing varying levels of light through the lens from top to bottom depending on the patients’ individual preference and needs.

Finally an anti-reflective treatment is applied on the back of the lens to cut out those pesky back surface reflections or ‘bounce back glare’, giving the best possible performance in bright conditions.

Maui Jim lenses are also available in a number of different materials, depending on each patient’s prescription, frame choice and requirements.


Most prescription sunglasses correct your vision but obscure the brilliant world around you. MauiPassport prescription sunglasses were created to help you see more of the world’s vibrant beauty.

Utilizing digital lens design and cutting-edge direct surfacing technology, MauiPassport lenses deliver the widest possible field of view for incredible visual acuity across the entire lens. This process also produces prescriptions that are 10 times more accurate than those of conventional labs, and maintains the highest optical and quality standards in the industry.

In every MauiPassport sunglass lens, PolarizedPlus2 technology shields your eyes from glare and harmful UV while enhancing the world’s vibrant colours and intricate details.

  • Eliminates 99.9% of glare
  • Enhances colour and contrast
  • Promotes eye health


Maui Jim pride themelves on offering the utmost in customer service, both at the time of purchasing, and for the lifetime of your sunglasses.

“When you shop with Maui Jim you are more than a customer—you are life-long member of the ‘ohana (family). Like family, we’ve got your back, and because your satisfaction is our top priority, we make sure there’s always someone on staff to respond to comments and questions. From consistent customer service, to returns and repairs, we stand behind our product with the support true family warrants.”

We stock a wide selection of Maui Jim frame styles in both of our practices which can be supplied with non-prescription lenses to take away the same day, or ordered with your own specialist prescription lenses. Pop in and speak to one of our dispensing opticians for more information or to order your very own pair of Maui Jims!

At Arbuthnot’s we believe our customers deserve the best products available. After many years experience of a huge variety of products we are delighted to use SEIKO as our supplier of premium spectacle lenses. SEIKO have an incredible track record of supplying high quality products. Did you know that when you say the word ‘SEIKO’ you are speaking Japanese? In Japan the word means ‘precision’ and this is exactly what you get when experiencing any SEIKO product.

The SEIKO brand is most commonly associated with watches, but their passion for precision has also been applied to the design and manufacture of spectacle lenses. Indeed, SEIKO has produced lenses for over 40 years and is selling them in over 30 countries worldwide.

A choice for your lifestyle: SEIKO Optical manufactures a wide range of thin and light SEIKO branded lenses to suit all lifestyle and occupational needs.

SEIKO Optical is a world leader in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced lens materials and designs, delivering the comfort, quality and superior vision that you would expect from an innovative global brand.

Brand quality: When you collect your spectacles with SEIKO lenses, we will provide you with a certificate of authenticity, confirming that your lenses have been made to the highest SEIKO Optical quality standards.

SEIKO lenses offer huge advantages over other brands whether you need a lens for a specific visual need, want the thinnest and lightest lens possible or whether you want a varifocal lens that gives a huge distance, intermediate and reading lens area like their incredible SEIKO Prime lens, the best our opticians have worked with.

Every pair of SEIKO lenses comes with its’s own card of authenticity, which is presented to the patient on collection of their new glasses. Using this card you can then register your purchase with SEIKO to receive your complimentary SEIKO Protect* cover for your new lenses!

SEIKO Protect is accidental damage assistance if your lenses are no longer deemed fit for purpose. Accidents happen, and with SEIKO Protect your lenses will be replaced. It is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. (*Terms and conditions apply, visit for more information)

If you’d like to discuss the best lens for you then please pop in and talk to our qualified dispensing opticians who will evaluate your needs and use our Seiko iPad app to show the best solutions.