Now in stock – new Colibris styles for small faces!

Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, and so do faces. Like with most things, there is an average, and brands tend to cater to that average. But what if you don’t fall within this mean?

Patients with narrower faces have probably, historically, been steered towards children’s or teens styles. These are likely to be a better fit, but that can mean compromising on style in order to find the right size frame. Also, this often means choosing from a much smaller selection and settling for something that may not be what the patient would ideally go for.










For this reason, we pride ourselves on stocking a variety of frames that are specifically designed for adults with smaller features. Brands like Colibris offer a range of fashion forward styles, but specifically designed to suit patients with smaller facial characteristics. We don’t expect patients to sacrifice style or quality in order to find something that fits them, and by choosing a brand like Colibris they can have both fashion and function.


In addition to ‘ready-to-wear’ brands like Colibris and Mini V, we are also able to order made to measure styles from Tom Davies, Lindberg and Wissing. This means that we can cater to each patients’ individual requirements in terms of size and fitting, while still being able to choose from a huge selection of styles, shapes, colours and design details.

A few weeks ago two of our partners visited Opti Munich to look at styles for the upcoming year. By visiting international eye wear and design shows annually, we can keep up to date with the changing trends. We can also check out everything that international brands have to offer in order to confidently cater to all of our patients, not just the average ones.











Pop into the Barry practice to see the brand new range of Colibris frames that have just arrived, as well as some of the other smaller styles that we have to offer!