New Cazal Range now in stock

At Arbuthnots we always believe you deserve the best whether it’s frames, lenses or care. It’s always our mission to bring you both the best of major global brands as well as the finest quality handmade products from smaller manufacturers. For a few years we’ve been stocking the Cazal range and we’ve many devoted followers of these. It’s always with great excitement that we receive the new ranges (60 new models are produced every year!). The Cazal brand was created in 1975 by fashion designer CAri ZALloni in a quest to create “maximalist” eyewear. Cazal frames combine chic styling with exceptional build quality giving you a beautiful, distinctive and durable frame. Cazal are very selective with their stockists and we’re very proud that both Barry and Penarth are authorised distributors. Feel free to come in and browse our ranges. Go on treat yourself!

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We’re also official stockists of the limited edition Cazal Legends sunglasses range. THE most fashionable sunglasses range popular with the big celebs. They’ve been seen on Brad Pitt, Jay Z and Rihanna amongst others but we think the residents of the Vale deserve them too! They truly are limited edition. We have some of the sunglasses in stock which we’ve carefully selected but once they’re gone, that’s it I’m afraid. That does make them a great investment though as you’ll stand out from the crowd in the uber trendy beauties.

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