We all love sunglasses. Not only do they offer protection against harmful UV rays, help when driving in the summer and are a must-have for reading on the beach, they’re also a much-loved fashion accessory.

We stock a wide range of sunglasses from the well known manufacturers like Oakley, Ray-Ban and Maui Jim to the lesser known such as Epos and Oliver Peoples amongst many others. We can make sunglasses to fit with your prescription but we stock many non-prescription brands, available to take away that day. So next time you’re thinking of treating yourself to some new shades, have a look at our range.

We also offer exclusive prescription services from Maui Jim, Ray-Ban and Oakley, as well as a range of prescription sunglasses from as little as £179 with single vision lenses!

Why Polarising lenses?

Sunlight travels in all directions, with light rays scattering when they bounce off a surface. When rays hit a flat surface like the road, the bonnet of your car or the surface of water, the light becomes polarised and light beams begin travelling in a more uniform way. Light reflecting off surfaces in this way can be problematic for your vision, creating glare which can be annoying, distracting or even so intense as to be dangerous.

While tinted lenses reduce the overall percentage of light rays that pass through them and enter the eye, this intense, polarised light is not blocked by a standard tinted lens – they only make things appear darker. This is perfectly adequate for some things, but in a lot of environments a polarising lens will be more beneficial.

Polarising lenses have in-built filters which are designed to cut out this kind of very intense reflected light, improving your visual comfort and the quality and clarity of your vision. For this reason, polarising sunglasses are perfect if you do a lot of driving during the summer, or spend a lot of time on or near the water for things like fishing. Just look at the difference in the clarity with these lenses!

Don’t forget your children’s eye protection!

We’re all getting good at applying sunscreen but many people aren’t aware that young eyes are particularly susceptible to UV damage. Cumulative exposure to UV is one of the main risk factors for age related macular degeneration – the leading cause of sight loss in the UK. UV is also a risk factor for cataracts as well as eyelid tumours and pterygia.

Figures from the World Health Organisation estimate that as much as 80 per cent of a lifetimes’ UV is absorbed into the eye by the time a child reaches the age of 18. Now is the time to protect their eyes for life so make sure you invest in a good pair of sunnies for your kids. Any of our kids and teens frames can be fitted with prescription sun lenses – talk to us about the best options for your little ones.