At Arbuthnot Opticians we offer fantastic value and all marked prices on our £89 range and above include the cost of a 1.6 thin and light lens where needed, and an antireflective, scratch resistant coating as standard (usually a significant extra charge at most high street opticians).

  • Bifocals
  • from £99
  • Varifocals
  • from £99
  • Photochromic
  • from £70

As an independent optical practice, we also take pride in offering the best branded lenses available and are proud to have been named as a SEIKO lens specialist. SEIKO Optical is a world leader in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced lens materials and delivers the style, comfort and quality that you would expect from an innovative global brand – see our Premium Brands page for more information on Seiko lenses!

Changing from a conventional plastic lens to a SEIKO thin and light lens can give massive cosmetic benefits as well as making your glasses lighter and more comfortable to wear. Below is a picture that demonstrates the dramatic reduction in thickness that can be achieved. Both lenses are the same prescription!



Around the age of forty most people become ‘presbyopic’. This means we can no longer see both in the distance and  read clearly with a single lens strength. If we have reading glasses they tend to blur your distance vision and conversely, if you use driving or distance glasses these will be blurred for close up. In order that presbyopic people can read clearly and also see in the distance without having to take their spectacles on and off, SEIKO Optical offers progressive lenses that focus at all distances. These progressive lenses look great as there is no line or half moon like the older bifocal styles.

As those of you that wear varifocals are aware they offer fantastic convenience although they create a slightly softer focus at the edge of the lens meaning we have to increase our head movement a little to make sure we’re using the central portion of the lens. With old fashioned, basic varifocals, this soft focus can be quite marked but with modern SEIKO varifocals this is almost imperceptible. The diagram below shows the amazing difference these lenses can make. On the left is a standard basic varifocal, whereas the diagram on the right is a SEIKO back surface digital varifocal which gives a far wider area of comfortable clear vision.