The EyeCare Plan

See well… Be healthy…. Look good……

The EyeCare Plan is all about caring for your eyes and caring about your eyewear.
We all know how precious our eyesight is to us and how it can sometimes be taken away without warning.
Absolutely the best way to avoid serious problems and care properly for your eyes is to have regularly scheduled eye examinations. Also to be able to respond immediately to any acute eye problems, like red eye, by being able to book an emergency appointment straightaway.

These are the fundamentals of good care but often they are accompanied by large bills just when you don’t want them, especially if you also want to change your glasses at the same time.

Worse still if you break or damage your glasses and you are hit with a double bill!

All these issues are catered for by The EyeCare Plan. For a small monthly fee paid by direct debit all of these eyecare and eyewear needs are covered.

  • Sight tests, eye examinations, visual fields assessments, ocular photography, intraocular pressures, emergency check ups, contact lens trials, fittings and follow ups, optical coherence tomography scans, ReadEz assessments, diabetic, glaucoma and macular degeneration tests and management advice and much more; all of these are covered in The EyeCare Plan and are FREE at the point of delivery
  • Privileged access to a whole range of designer frames, some of which are exclusive to us in the UK, and specialist lenses at incredible, discounted prices.

The EyeCare Plan gives you peace of mind.

So what is The EyeCare Plan?

  • When you join the The EyeCare Plan you simply pay a monthly fee by DD which entitles you to all the eye care you could need from us, free at the point of delivery.
  • Membership also entitles you to buy as many pairs as you want of top quality spectacles, designer or sports sunglasses, prescription or plano lenses, and contact lenses at internet bashing prices.
  • Your new spectacles are automatically covered by our Accidental Damage Scheme where they will repaired or even replaced at a fraction of the original cost (full plan details available instore)

Frequently asked questions

How much does The EyeCare Plan cost?

The small monthly subscription paid by direct debit depends on your age and circumstances, children, over sixties, students abd others entitled to some NHS cover pay less. Family members of those already enrolled also pay less.

When do the benefits start?

As soon as you sign up to the The EyeCare Plan you can enjoy all the benefits of freely delivered eyecare and huge discounts off your eyewear. Talk to our in practice team and you could enjoy the benefits today.

How long is my commitment?

Initially your commitment is for 18 months and is renewed on an annual basis thereafter. After you have been part of the The EyeCare Plan for 2 years, the spectacles discount increases further.

It’s simple to join…
Just ask any member of staff and don’t delay, join today!

View Our EyeCarePlan Leaflet