COVID-19 reduced opening times

We hope you and your family are well at this difficult time. As the situation has developed over the last few weeks we have followed all advice from the UK Government, Welsh Government and NHS in terms of hygiene, good practice and who we should and shouldn’t be seeing. What has now become clear is that in the short term we cannot carry on with business as usual. Welsh Government have instructed us to suspend all routine eye care and only provide a service for those in need of emergency care. We also have the health and well-being of our staff to consider and our important role in trying to stop the spread and flatten the curve with unnecessary travel.

As of Wednesday 25th March 2020 we will revert to limited opening hours and have asked all our staff to stay home. In this time, we appreciate that patients will need to access eye care, need repairs, want to collect contact lenses etc so the practices will be looked after by the practice partners Sharron, James and Mandy to answer calls and queries and provide any needed advice. We will still see patients for emergency care only and will not offer any routine appointments. Our opening times are below:

Barry Penarth
Monday 9-12pm Closed
Tuesday 2.30-4.30pm 12.30-2pm
Wednesday Closed Closed
Thursday 9-11am 11.30-1.30pm
Friday 9-12pm Closed
Saturday Closed Closed

This has been a very difficult decision for us and we apologise if this causes any difficulties to you. Please call on 01446 735551 or email on with any queries.

We hope to return to normal as soon as possible but in the mean time, we wish you good health and please follow the Government’s advice to delay the spread.

Yours sincerely,

Sharron, James and Mandy

Arbuthnot Opticians Partners