Colibris glasses from Stockelsdorf are popular with people with narrow faces all over the world.

“The idea of ​​our own glasses brand was born in 1998,” says Wolfgang Reckzeh. “The impetus came from my wife, who couldn’t find the right glasses for her own face.” Susanne Reckzeh had had to learn that the usual glasses were too wide, too large and too coarse for her face and always slipped off the narrow nose. And that despite having access to the most modern and trendy eyewear brands in the world – after all, Wolfgang Reckzeh is the owner of the well-known optician Colibri in Lübeck’s Wahmstrasse.






“Now we manufacture glasses that suit people with narrow faces and whose proportions are matched to them. In this way, we guarantee exceptional comfort, quality craftsmanship and underline the personality of the wearer, ”says Wolfgang Reckzeh.

“When you see people with our glasses on the street, it makes us very proud,” says Susanne Reckzeh.

At Arbuthnots we pride ourselves on stocking a wide range of frames specifically for patients with smaller faces, Colibris in particular. If you have had problems in the past finding frames to fit, or have been persuaded towards childrens or teens frames, we are sure to have something more to offer. Contact us or pop into one of our practices to try on our ‘smaller’ styles.