We’re here if you need us!

During the first lockdown period we remained open albeit with limited hours but since June we’ve been back to our normal hours. We’re following all advice from our professional bodies, Welsh and UK governments and all parties are keen that as a healthcare setting, all opticians should continue to provide care.
We’re employing strict hygiene measures and controlling the number of people entering the practice with an appointment system for choosing or collecting glasses along with our usual eye examination appointments.
We understand many of you may be nervous about visiting or leaving home in general so after much deliberation we have temporarily suspended the majority of our automated eye examination reminder system. However, we’re here and welcome any appointments. If you feel you are having any problems with eyes or vision or feel you need to have an eye examination due to past history or family history then please don’t hesitate to give us a call. If you feel you need some new glasses or a spare pair then again please give us a call and we’ll book you in with one of our dispensing opticians. As COVID infection rates continue to fall and more of the population receive their vaccines, we will likely start our our reminder system again soon.
We look forward to a return to normality!
Stay safe,
James, Sharron and Mandy,
Arbuthnot Opticians Partners

COVID-19 reduced opening times

We hope you and your family are well at this difficult time. As the situation has developed over the last few weeks we have followed all advice from the UK Government, Welsh Government and NHS in terms of hygiene, good practice and who we should and shouldn’t be seeing. What has now become clear is that in the short term we cannot carry on with business as usual. Welsh Government have instructed us to suspend all routine eye care and only provide a service for those in need of emergency care. We also have the health and well-being of our staff to consider and our important role in trying to stop the spread and flatten the curve with unnecessary travel.

As of Wednesday 25th March 2020 we will revert to limited opening hours and have asked all our staff to stay home. In this time, we appreciate that patients will need to access eye care, need repairs, want to collect contact lenses etc so the practices will be looked after by the practice partners Sharron, James and Mandy to answer calls and queries and provide any needed advice. We will still see patients for emergency care only and will not offer any routine appointments. Our opening times are below:

Barry Penarth
Monday 9-12pm Closed
Tuesday 2.30-4.30pm 12.30-2pm
Wednesday Closed Closed
Thursday 9-11am 11.30-1.30pm
Friday 9-12pm Closed
Saturday Closed Closed

This has been a very difficult decision for us and we apologise if this causes any difficulties to you. Please call on 01446 735551 or email on info@arbuthnotopticians.co.uk with any queries.

We hope to return to normal as soon as possible but in the mean time, we wish you good health and please follow the Government’s advice to delay the spread.

Yours sincerely,

Sharron, James and Mandy

Arbuthnot Opticians Partners

New Season TD Tom Davies frames now in stock!

TD Tom Davies is a British handmade and bespoke eyewear brand, founded by the designer Tom Davies and manufactured in London.
Tom began his career working for an eyewear factory in China, where he moved after graduating from University. Designing and making frames and the machines used to manufacture them, he quickly moved on to create his own brand of Tom Davies eyewear in 2002. Tom discovered a passion for eyewear when he realised just how life-changing good design and customised fitting could be.
He began designing bespoke frames for friends and family, and quickly made the decision to move back to London and launch his brand building on the principal of made-to-measure and couture. Since then company have been producing bespoke frames out of their factory in West London, selling through a number of independent practices as well as through their own Tom Davies retail boutiques in Covent Garden, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Canary Wharf and City Of London.
The brand of TD Tom Davies is built on the principles of fit, form and function and they offer a completely bespoke service. Frames can be dispensed as ‘READY TO WEAR’ from the styles held in a Tom Davies stockist, MADE TO ORDER’ with tweaks to size and colour from a ready to wear model, or BESPOKE’.  An entirely bespoke piece is designed around the patients’ natural features, fitted perfectly to their nose, head shape and ears. Patients can also choose from a huge range of shapes, colours and finishes for their final frame to be made to. An unparalleled approach to customer service and personalisation mean that the Tom Davies brand are unrivaled in the luxury eyewear market.
Tom’s iconic styles have been famously been worn by a number of celebrities including Ed Sheeran, Heston Blumenthal and Carrie Fisher who herself owned numerous pairs. Tom was also sought out to design the spectacles worn by Henry Cavill to play the role of Clark Kent, since most frame styles were found to sit too high on Cavill’s face due to his high bridge.
As well as having extensive training in all things Tom Davies, stockists are also given the opportunity to spend time with Tom at the London factory, working through the design and manufacture process for one of their frames. In 2019, our Dispensing Optician Kath attended one of these events and found in invaluable and inspiring, bringing all of the knowledge back to share with our other dispensers and with our patients.
Our lovely Tom Davies rep Gemma recently visited both the Barry and Penarth practices to show us some of the exciting new styles and colour options available from Tom Davies for the new season, and we are really excited to now have a range of the new styles in stock in both practices. But don’t forget, any of the styles we stock can be made in a number of Tom Davies colourways, as well as being tailor made to fit!

Pop in to have a look at the new range, to view the full colour set or to speak with one of our Dispensing Opticians about your very own bespoke Tom Davies piece!





Now in stock – new Colibris styles for small faces!

Glasses come in all shapes and sizes, and so do faces. Like with most things, there is an average, and brands tend to cater to that average. But what if you don’t fall within this mean?

Patients with narrower faces have probably, historically, been steered towards children’s or teens styles. These are likely to be a better fit, but that can mean compromising on style in order to find the right size frame. Also, this often means choosing from a much smaller selection and settling for something that may not be what the patient would ideally go for.










For this reason, we pride ourselves on stocking a variety of frames that are specifically designed for adults with smaller features. Brands like Colibris offer a range of fashion forward styles, but specifically designed to suit patients with smaller facial characteristics. We don’t expect patients to sacrifice style or quality in order to find something that fits them, and by choosing a brand like Colibris they can have both fashion and function.


In addition to ‘ready-to-wear’ brands like Colibris and Mini V, we are also able to order made to measure styles from Tom Davies, Lindberg and Wissing. This means that we can cater to each patients’ individual requirements in terms of size and fitting, while still being able to choose from a huge selection of styles, shapes, colours and design details.

A few weeks ago two of our partners visited Opti Munich to look at styles for the upcoming year. By visiting international eye wear and design shows annually, we can keep up to date with the changing trends. We can also check out everything that international brands have to offer in order to confidently cater to all of our patients, not just the average ones.











Pop into the Barry practice to see the brand new range of Colibris frames that have just arrived, as well as some of the other smaller styles that we have to offer!












Opti Munich 2020

Our partners Sharron and Mandy recently returned from a trip to Munich for the annual Opti trade show, where they travel every year to source the latest styles for our new collection.

Held at the striking and modern Neue Messe München in the eastern district of Munich, Opti features stands from all of the big names in eyewear design and innovation, including some of our own most popular international brands like Wissing and Etnia Barcelona. Brands attend Opti to showcase their unique and quirky styles, as well as their creativity and attention to detail in craftsmanship. Stands range from some of the world leaders in frame design, to smaller start-ups trying to gain some recognition and land their first big orders from some of the thousands of visitors who attend Opti over the course of the weekend.










Opti is also a chance to see all of the weird and wonderful things that the rest of the world has to offer in terms of frame styles, shapes, colours and design details – Sharron and Mandy certainly always have a good time trying some of the wacky things that Opti had on display!












For Arbuthnots, Opti is primarily about hunting down the newest, most unique and exclusive frames for our patients. From experience frame buying at international trade shows, Sharron and Mandy have found that the styles popular in Europe often take a year or two to reach the UK market. We pride ourselves on being able to offer our patients fashion forward frames which can’t be found just anywhere.



As well as looking at new brands, we use this opportunity to update our ranges from some of our favourite brands. In 2020 we are excited to be awaiting brand new styles from Anne&Valentin, Colibris, Orgreen and Wissing (see our ‘Premium Brands’ for more information on why we love their products). This year expect to see lots of fine metal styles, hexagonal and aviator shapes, still plenty of colour but more classic design features and less bling than we have seen in previous years.

So, if you’re due to update your specs or are thinking of a change, keep an eye out for our exciting new stock arriving in the coming weeks – watch this space!

Sali attends Lindberg training academy

As an official Lindberg stockist, our dispensers receive the utmost in technical training in how best to dispense, adjust and repair Lindberg’s unique frame designs. This allows us to pass these skills on to our patients along with the best possible aftercare for their new Lindberg frames.


A few weeks ago, our Dispensing Optician Sali attended a Lindberg technical training academy day at the stunning Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. As part of the training, Lindberg specialist technical team gave in depth demonstrations and workshops showing the correct way to fit, adjust and repair each of Lindberg’s unique frame ranges.



They used specialist tools and equipment to showcase the strength and flexibility of the products, as well as the longevity and durability of the materials used in their manufacture. Made from 100% pure titanium and composite acetate materials, Lindberg frames are made using no screws, welds or rivets, making them exceptionally strong and light, yet still comfortable and flexible.

Lindberg’s frame designs are based on the principals of simplicity, comfort, performance and functionality. Over the last 3 decades these designs have won them over 100 coveted international design awards, unparalleled by any other spectacle frame or lens brand. Lindberg frames can be 100% bespoke and made to patients’ requirements using their unique building block system.


To book for a FREE personal Lindberg consultation with one of our qualified Dispensing Opticians, contact your nearest practice.



Now stocking Anne et Valentin

We’re super excited to be one of the few UK stockists of this wonderful French brand.

Anne et Valentin’s creations are original, colourful, lively and above all, epitomise the amalgamation of ergonomics, production technique and respect for those who wear them.
Each frame is made with love, which reflects how the brand began.
Anne and Valentin shared both a professional and personal relationship for over 30 years. Their story began in Toulouse, and it is here where the Anne et Valentin headquarters remain today.
The frames of Anne et Valentin are all made in France. Even though technology revolutions have changed the way some things are done, many of the essential steps of the manufacturing process remain performed by hand. Each beautiful frame is a quality product, representing the long, precise and detailed design and manufacturing process.
The frames are fantastic quality and look incredible. We welcome all to pop in and try some on!

Ted and James return from successful Uganda trip

In the first week of September, Arbuthnot’s optometrists Ted and James travelled to the Tororo district of Uganda along with fellow optometrists Marc Drake, Lisa Evans, Ceri Probert, Elaine Yip and GP colleagues Dr Hilary Bugler and Dr Owain Greville. The trip was arranged through the local charity Vale for Africa with the aim to provide eyecare in the rural communities where the medical care we may take for granted is sadly often not available.


Over the course of the week with the help of their fantastic Ugandan support staff and translators they managed to examine over a thousand patients ranging in ages from three months to over ninety. The team diagnosed and arranged cataract surgery for over one hundred patients (a number being young children) which the charity Vale for Africa will fund as well as diagnosing potentially blinding conditions such as glaucoma and trachoma which will now thankfully be treated.


The team prescribed hundreds of pairs of glasses, some of which were carried over from the UK and kindly supplied by local opticians with the majority then being produced at the local Benedictine Eye Hospital. Many patients such as teachers, policeman and tailors were examined that were no longer able to work due to their ‘failing’ eyesight and it was incredibly rewarding for all involved to allow these people to work again and provide for their families with the aid of a simple pair of glasses which we often take for granted. The team also managed to provide training in examining eyes at the District Hospital and Benedictine Eye hospitals in Tororo which will aid the staff to  manage certain conditions.


All of the team found the visit incredibly rewarding and can’t wait for the next time!

Below James making friends with the locals!

IMG_3422 (2)

They distributed many footballs, books and pencils to the local children and their happiness and appreciation was humbling.

To make a donation or to get involved, please visit www.valeforafrica.org.uk



Stunning new Chloe range now available



We’re delighted to introduce our new range from French fashion house Chloe. High end frames made using the highest quality materials. They capture the feminine fluidity of the brand using foundation colours and textures. New styles but with a hint of retro at the same time. We have a range of their core pieces in stock so come in and have a browse.


Our new practice video and practice tours

Thanks to the wonderful people at http://bellyflop.tv/ we now have a promotional video so you can see inside our practice and get to know the owners and staff and get a feel for what we do as a practice.

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You can also have a little tour around both our Barry and Penarth practices with google maps. As you’ll see we have very modern practices with the best diagnostic and eye testing equipment with a superb range of frames. Keep an eye out for our specially made Penarth Pier wallpaper as well!

Barry tour here

Penarth tour here


New Arbuthnot Opticians App Launched

Since we’ve been running our MySight online booking service over the last year we’ve had some really positive feedback about how convenient and easy it is to book appointments and update your details at a time that’s convenient to you, and not just during our opening hours.

We’re really pleased to now offer this functionality through our easy to use app for smart phones and tablets. If you’ve already registered for MySight you can log in to your account and add your device through the mobile devices tab. If you’ve not registered for MySight, simply give us a call and make sure we have an up to date email address for you. Either way, we’ll then send you an email like the one below:



This will then take you to your android or IOS store to download the free app. Enter the activation key supplied to sync your app with the details we have on file for you. You’ll need to set a 6 digit PIN to keep your data secure or fingerprint recognition technology if your device allows. The app makes booking appointments, seeing when you’re due for tests, and viewing prescriptions, quick and easy.


You can use the app to book appointments with whichever optometrist (optician) you prefer at either our Barry or Penarth practices. It’s even clever enough to know which practice you normally use!


Ted Arbuthnot leads optometry team to Tororo District, Uganda

Ted has recently returned from leading an optometry team to Tororo District in Uganda. The project is part of an ongoing charity project from Vale for Africa, a Vale of Glamorgan based charity which works exclusively in Tororo District. It provides piped water to schools, a small public library, motorcycle ambulances, support for a Ugandan student to attend Atlantic College in the Vale of Glamorgan and exchange of medical staff between Uganda and the Heath Hospital, as well as the optometry project.



The team this year was comprised of Ted, Marc Drake, an optometrist from Penarth, and Zarna Dasani, an optometrist from Leicester who trained in Cardiff. While there the three taught in the two hospitals in Tororo (Ted teaching above) and also examined eyes in a primary school, a secondary school and then a rural clinic. In all they saw 583 patients and found 98 needed surgery and 114 needed glasses. The surgery and the glasses were all provided in Tororo by the local hospitals but paid for by the charity and the funds raised by the three optometrists. They were also able to leave about £3000 worth of ophthalmic equipment for use in the hospitals. It is hoped to establish this as an annual event with heavy emphasis on training local people so that a legacy of knowledge is left as well as arranging for the cataract and other surgery to be carried out.


“We found three children in the primary school with cataracts, as well as other conditions, which would have been picked up much earlier in the UK and dealt with”, said Ted, “ and we found no real problems in the secondary school pupils. Probably it is just that children with vision problems, maybe only needing glasses to correct them, sadly never make it to secondary school. The drop out rate is huge, especially among girls, where 80% do not finish education”


Arbuthnot Opticians is proud to support Vale for Africa as its chosen charity.

If you would also like to support it please go to www.valeforafrica.com and press ‘donate’.

With thanks to http://dangreenphotography.com/ for the fantastic photographs

New Nidek Retinascan Duo OCT unveiled at our Penarth practice

Having been the first practice in the Vale of Glamorgan to use Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) at our Barry practice, we’re now delighted to be the first practice in Wales to unveil the new Nidek Retinascan Duo at our Penarth site. This state of the art machine allows us to take photographs of your eyes but also allows to see below the service and view lower layers of the retina previously invisible to us.


This will allow us to identify microscopic changes to the structure of your retina and optic nerve meaning we are able to identify conditions such as glaucoma and macular degeneration at a very early stage. To find out more, see our OCT page. The cost for scans and interpretation is £35 although there is no supplementary fee if you are part of our EyeCare Plan scheme.


Truly bespoke glasses by TD Tom Davies available (as worn by the celebs!)



We’re always on the lookout at Arbuthnot’s for cutting edge, high quality frames that both feel comfortable and look great. TD Tom Davies is a London based frame manufacturing house that constructs beautiful, high quality ready-to-wear frames but we think more interestingly, offer a full bespoke frame manufacturing service. This means your frame is made only for you. We usually start by looking at the ready-to-wear frames for inspiration and then let ourselves loose on designing a frame that’s perfect for you. The frame is hand-made to our specifications so we’ll take a whole range of accurate measurements of your face so it fits just perfectly. We can then select materials shapes and colours to suit you. We can even use natural horn, a material that looks stunning in glasses frames.




When constructed, the frame with also have your name subtly engraved on the inside of the side (optional). If you want to leave your email address then TD Tom Davies will send you photographs of your own frame being made right through each manufacturing process so you can appreciate the quality and workmanship.

There’s quite an impressive celebrity client list known to support TD Tom Davies’ creations with Angelina Jolie, Heston Blumenthal and Masterchef’s Greg Wallace all known to be wearers. We’re proud of our frame ranges and would be delighted to show our clients this range and provide a bespoke frame designing consultation.


To find out more, follow the link below:


Online appointment booking through MySight

We’re delighted to announce we’re the first practice in Barry and Penarth to offer true online appointment booking. You can now book appointments, update your contact details, view your prescriptions, and find out whether you’re due for appointments at your convenience at any time of day. Simply follow the links on our home page to book an appointment or MySight-Your account to register. If you’re already a client of ours, we’ll also be sending you verification codes when you’re due for your next appointment to make the process even easier. Of course we’ll still be at the end of the phone if you prefer the traditional way.


Bellissimo! Amazing new frames straight from Milan

At Arbuthnot’s we’re always on the lookout for exciting new brands and we’re delighted to have taken delivery of a stunning new range from Milan. EPOS fuse classic Italian style with only the highest quality materials. EPOS make both ophthalmic frames as well as ready to wear sunglasses with five stunning ranges I Classici, Chorus Line, Epic Wood, Epica, and Leggenda. See these beautiful collections here



There comes a stage (usually in our early 40s) when we begin to struggle a little with any visual tasks close up. This is easily corrected with a pair of reading glasses but these reading glasses themselves cause some bother as they are a single fixed focus lens. We grow accustomed throughout our lives to the luxury of our perfectly engineered natural lens which manages to subtly adjust it curvature and allow us to change focus from the television across the room, to our computer at arm’s length, to our newspaper close up without us even thinking about it. Many of us spend our working lives in an office type set up where one moment we may be looking at printed spreadsheet, the next we’re looking at our desktop PC and then we’re talking to a colleague on the other side of a desk. These three distances all require slightly different prescriptions so there’s no way we can give you a satisfactory solution with basic reading glasses.

An old fashioned solution to these type of problems is the bifocal ‘half-moon’ lens. These lenses allow you to see far away for driving and television and also give you a reading lens right down at the bottom but they make no allowance for our mid distance computer vision and rarely work well for office workers.

Varifocal/multifocal/progressive lenses have long been seen as the best option for these circumstances. They do however themselves have some potential pitfalls for office use. The top portion of the traditional varifocal is designed for far distance. Often in our office set up, we have our computer screen at eye level meaning we need to tilt our head back a little to use the mid distance poerion.

Find out more about SEIKO varifocals here

Fortunately we’re now using some excellent new options to solve this problem and we’re having great feedback at both our Barry and Penarth practices.

Both SEIKO INDOOR and SEIKO COMPUTER Xtra are designed with today’s workstation set up in mind meaning you can now have a great wide field of view with excellent clarity at all room distances without the need for excessive head movement and uncomfortable posture and this ultimately gives less fatigue.

As an independent optician, although we’re a SEIKO lens specialist, we use whatever products we feel are best for you. As well as the SEIKO lenses, we’ve had great success with Shamir lenses designed for indoor use. Their website also gives nice explanations of what to expect from their range of lenses and how they benefit you. Shamir occupational lenses

Call in and have a chat with our optometrists or dispensing opticians and we’ll find a solution that is designed specifically for you. We’ve also got some great apps on our iPads so we can give you an easy to understand demo of their benefits. You’re not just a number to us at Arbuthnot Opticians, we want to give you the best and make sure you leave us with perfect pair of glasses for your lifestyle.

January Sale now on – 25% off our sunglasses collections

Happy New Year everyone. Well that’s Christmas over so let’s look forward to a beautiful, sunny Spring which I know is coming! To celebrate the New Year we thought we’d offer you a great sale on our sunglasses. Whether you’re going skiing, enjoy a particular sport or just fancy a new fashionable look for Spring we’ve got plenty of choice at both our Barry and Penarth practices. Come in and make the most of our January sale. It’s open to anyone and you don’t need to be a registered patient of ours to take advantage.

For terms and conditions see below:



Terms and Conditions:

Applies to our sunglasses currently in store and does not apply to special orders. Does not include  Cazal Legends range. Not in conjunction with any other discount offer such as the EyeCare Plan. Whichever offer gives greater discount will apply. For prescription sunglasses, add ons may apply.

New Cazal Range now in stock

At Arbuthnots we always believe you deserve the best whether it’s frames, lenses or care. It’s always our mission to bring you both the best of major global brands as well as the finest quality handmade products from smaller manufacturers. For a few years we’ve been stocking the Cazal range and we’ve many devoted followers of these. It’s always with great excitement that we receive the new ranges (60 new models are produced every year!). The Cazal brand was created in 1975 by fashion designer CAri ZALloni in a quest to create “maximalist” eyewear. Cazal frames combine chic styling with exceptional build quality giving you a beautiful, distinctive and durable frame. Cazal are very selective with their stockists and we’re very proud that both Barry and Penarth are authorised distributors. Feel free to come in and browse our ranges. Go on treat yourself!

Find out more about why Cazal are so special here  http://www.cazal-eyewear.com/images/article/classic/12things/12things-en.pdf

We’re also official stockists of the limited edition Cazal Legends sunglasses range. THE most fashionable sunglasses range popular with the big celebs. They’ve been seen on Brad Pitt, Jay Z and Rihanna amongst others but we think the residents of the Vale deserve them too! They truly are limited edition. We have some of the sunglasses in stock which we’ve carefully selected but once they’re gone, that’s it I’m afraid. That does make them a great investment though as you’ll stand out from the crowd in the uber trendy beauties.

See more of the ranges http://www.cazal-eyewear.com/index.php?lang=en

cazal 2Cazal legends

More patients with astigmatism can now benefit from the wonderful world of contact lenses

At Arbuthnots we’re always on the lookout for new and innovative products whether they are contact lenses or spectacles. Our patients have had great success recently using the fantastic clariti® range of lenses by Sauflon so we are delighted to announce that Sauflon have now extended their available range meaning far more patients with astigmatism can now benefit from this innovative technology. If you have ever been told you aren’t suitable for contact lenses, you may now be able to enter this life changing world!

clariti® XR toric is especially designed to give consistently clear vision if you have astigmatism with all the benefits of the unique clariti® material. This special material is super-breathable allowing oxygen to pass through to the eye meaning comfortable lenses for as long as you want to wear them and even includes UV protecting for long-lasting health.

We offer free trial appointments* of most contact lenses including clariti® XR toric so come on in and you’ll see the difference these fantastic lenses could make.

* a valid up to date eye test prescription will be required

Clariti Monthly XR Toric Pack

Free hearing tests available again at Arbuthnots

It was with great sadness that we learned in May of the passing of our audiologist Mark Williams. Mark was very popular with his patients and our staff and we wish his family all the best at this sad time.

We have now agreed with a South Wales based independent audiologist, Malmo Hearing, to take over the care of Mark’s patients and any new patients with regular clinics at our Barry practice. They offer free hearing tests and advice on hearing aids. As is always the case at our practice there will be no high pressure selling and all your options will be explained thoroughly.

Malmo hearing are a family run business devoted to offering the best solution for your hearing needs. They have partnerships with pharmacies, doctor’s surgeries and opticians throughout South Wales.  They are able to offer a wide range of hearing aids from the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Wearing hearing aids can transform the lives of people that suffer from hearing loss; that’s why they take extra care prescribing the best hearing aid technology available on the market.

Buying a hearing aid is an investment and can dramatically improve the quality of the user’s life. Malmo make hearing aids affordable and will always give you their best prices. And on top of that all Malmo’s hearing aids come with a 60 day money back guarantee, if you’re not 100%happy with your new hearing aids and they’re  unable to make them work for you, they will give you a refund.

To find out more, go to http://www.bridgend-hearing.co.uk/

Please give our practice a ring to arrange an appointment.

We’ve got some great new specs for kids

Do your children’s glasses slip down, break regularly or do they look over the top of them? We may have the answer!

We’re delighted to announce we’re now stockists of tomato glasses and totspecs. These are frames designed specifically with young children and babies in mind. Young children’s facial characteristics can make the fitting of smaller versions of adult frames very difficult leading to frames slipping down and children looking over the top. With vision therapy such as patching for lazy eyes,  it is critical that young children are looking through their glasses as intended as there is only a small window of time where we can improve a child’s vision for the rest of their lives.

These innovative frames have many features which make them unique such as ‘shape intelligence’ which allows the frame to be twisted but still return to its original shape. The unique nose pad design also makes the frame very stable on the nose to reduce movement when out playing. Even with all these technological advances to the frames, the important thing is they still look great!

Feel free to come in and have a look at the range.

To find out more, follow the link below to have a look at their website


Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our all new website. We hope it gives you a flavour of the way we do things at Arbtuthnots. We have two modern recently refurbished practices designed specifically to our brief so visiting us is a unique experience. We offer so many different ranges of frames and lenses, many of these bespoke and it’s therefore not possible to show all on our website as we need our experience to advise you on the best products for you as an individual. That’s why we feel there’s no substitute for a consultation with a qualified professional and why we believe we offer a vastly superior service at our practices than the online ‘shops’. Hopefully the website will whet your appetite and you can visit us to see what a difference high quality carefully sourced products can make to your quality of life and in the fashion stakes! We look forward to seeing you.