In 1980’s Denmark, Paul-Jorn Lindberg and his wife Arhus ran their own small, independent opticians practice. Day-by-day Paul-Jorn became increasingly frustrated with the lack of lightweight, comfortable eyewear on the market. He set about crafting his own frames made from thin titanium wire, in an effort to create the product he had been so desperately searching for. In 1984, in a tiny workshop above his opticians practice the Lindberg Optic Design house was born, with the creation and release of the unique and revolutionary Air Titanium range two years later.

Now, decades on, Lindberg are pioneers in eyewear engineering excellence, with each range being created with simplicity, elegance and functionality in mind. Only the highest quality materials are used, including 100% raw titanium and composite acetate materials which are lighter and stronger than any others on the market. Lindberg designs negate the need for screws, welds or rivets, making the frames stronger and more durable than any of their titanium counterparts, while remaining incomparably lightweight and comfortable.

Each Lindberg frame makes a statement about aesthetics, attention to detail, technical innovation and craftsmanship. Lindberg have won dozens of international design awards, and the product really speaks for itself. Each frame can be customised to the patient’s exact needs and preferences, with over 15 billion possible combinations of style, shape, size, colour and detail available.

As a Lindberg certified stockist, we firmly believe in the incredible history and quality associated with the brand, and with their products. The support and expert technical training that we receive means that we are passionate about their product, and that our Dispensing Opticians are experts on all things Lindberg.  We stock a variety of styles, shapes and colours in our practices, but have access to a full online bespoke ordering system so can create the exact product that you want.

Contact the practice or pop in to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced Dispensing Opticians, to learn more about why Lindberg could be the right fit for your next pair of spectacles.