Maui Jim

The company’s began in 1980 when a fisherman, Jim Richards, began selling sunglasses on the beaches of Maui, Hawaii. He was known as the original “Maui Jim”. Since then the brand has undergone a complete revolution, going from strength to strength, and are now world renowned for making the highest quality sports and fashion eye wear. As well as high performance non-prescription polarising lenses, they also offer a full prescription service for most of their styles, using the same lens technology. As of 2016, the company sells over 125 different styles of polarized sunglasses in over 100 countries worldwide.

The harsh glare of the Hawaiian sun is what inspired Maui Jim to design a lens that not only shields the eye, but also improves the colour, clarity, and detail of the world around. Designed with patient comfort in mind, their PolarizedPlus2® technology reduces the impact of the sun’s harsh glare while offering relief from a number of long-term health risks.



Glare washes out colours, obscures details, and fatigues your eyes. PolarizedPlus2® lenses eliminate 99.9% of glare, allowing you to see the world at its brilliant best. Featuring the industry’s most advanced production techniques, their patented processes create an amazing difference you’ll see immediately.

Maui Jim use a unique bi-gradient mirror, coating the top and bottom of their lenses to reflect the brightest light away from the eye and allowing greater comfort in bright conditions.  Alternatively their gradient mirror can be used, allowing varying levels of light through the lens from top to bottom depending on the patients’ individual preference and needs.

Finally an anti-reflective treatment is applied on the back of the lens to cut out those pesky back surface reflections or ‘bounce back glare’, giving the best possible performance in bright conditions.

Maui Jim lenses are also available in a number of different materials, depending on each patient’s prescription, frame choice and requirements.



Most prescription sunglasses correct your vision but obscure the brilliant world around you. MauiPassport prescription sunglasses were created to help you see more of the world’s vibrant beauty.

Utilizing digital lens design and cutting-edge direct surfacing technology, MauiPassport lenses deliver the widest possible field of view for incredible visual acuity across the entire lens. This process also produces prescriptions that are 10 times more accurate than those of conventional labs, and maintains the highest optical and quality standards in the industry.

In every MauiPassport sunglass lens, PolarizedPlus2 technology shields your eyes from glare and harmful UV while enhancing the world’s vibrant colours and intricate details.

  • Eliminates 99.9% of glare
  • Enhances colour and contrast
  • Promotes eye health



Maui Jim pride themelves on offering the utmost in customer service, both at the time of purchasing, and for the lifetime of your sunglasses.

“When you shop with Maui Jim you are more than a customer—you are life-long member of the ‘ohana (family). Like family, we’ve got your back, and because your satisfaction is our top priority, we make sure there’s always someone on staff to respond to comments and questions. From consistent customer service, to returns and repairs, we stand behind our product with the support true family warrants.”

We stock a wide selection of Maui Jim frame styles in both of our practices which can be supplied with non-prescription lenses to take away the same day, or ordered with your own specialist prescription lenses. Pop in and speak to one of our dispensing opticians for more information or to order your very own pair of Maui Jims!