Orgreen are the ultimate in Scandinavian eyewear design, crafting frames that are contemporary, look great on faces, and most importantly, are made to stand the test of time. Be inspired by their wide-ranging collections and explore their latest arrivals.

They offer premium designer eyewear in high-end materials, and are known for their distinctive signature styles and innovative colour combinations. Their aim is to design strong and timeless frames for quality-conscious individuals.

Individually handcrafted over a period of 4-6 months. Each frame goes through more than 100 production steps. And there is a hand involved at every step. Inherent in titanium is a sleek, sophistication where minimalism is the modus operandi.

The Orgreen aesthetic is playful, dynamic and sometimes provocative, but never arrogant. It’s about tugging at traditions, daring to challenge them and setting a new agenda. Rather than building on fleeting trends, Orgreen styles and lines are unique and recognisable and will always remain consistent through their designs.