Regular Replacement

The great thing about coming to an independent opticians is that your optometrist will simply use the lenses that they feel are best for you and your lifestyle and not what head office has told them to!

We have a huge amount of contact lens experience between our five optometrists and are often asked to be used as a test practice when new and innovative contact lenses become available. With modern lenses, nearly all prescriptions can be corrected with daily, fortnightly or monthy lenses. We can also arrange bespoke lenses to be made for the more complicated prescriptions.

Due to their constant innovations and high levels of patient satisfaction we have a high proportion of our patients using Acuvue contact lenses. For many years we have been a Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Centre of Excellence but we use contact lenses from all the large manufacturers such as Coopervision, Alcon, Bausch and Lomb as well as the smaller companies such as Ultravision and Mark’ Ennovy.


Contact lenses can be purchased by the ‘batch’ over the counter with a valid contact lens prescription. The majority of our patients prefer to join our EyeCare Plan scheme to spread the cost. This can include delivery directly to your home if you prefer and leaves you safe in the knowledge that all your essential aftercare appointments are covered.

Monthly lenses start from as little as £9.90 per month on direct debit
And dailies from as little as £26.00 for 30 pairs

We may all develop our own ways of handling lenses that work best for us but here are a couple of tutorials on the basics of putting lenses onto your eyes and then removing them.

At Arbuthnot’s our optometrists have been long been massive fans of Acuvue Oasys lenses which provide superb comfort even in the most challenging environments and we were delighted when this material was released as a daily disposable in 2015. Daily disposables have obvious hygiene benefits and are simple to use without the need to clean the lenses. They’re also perfect for the occasional wearer who may just use contacts for special occasions. It’s great that patients with astigmatism can now see the benefits of these fantastic lenses as described by Olympic heptathlete Katarina Johnson-Thompson below.

Starting to need reading glasses over your contact lenses? Fed up of carrying a pair of reading glasses out to read a menu in a restaurant? Would you like an alternative to your varifocal glasses? Acuvue Oasys 1-day for Presbyopia could be the answer. Radio presenter Sara Cox wears them and shares her experience below